2-3 October 2024

ExCel London


Thursday 19 October

15:00 - 15:30   |   Women in STEM Theatre

What’s Not Knowing Have To Do With Finding Out?…

If you could start something new what would it be? How long have you been thinking about this? Probably for some time right? Well… what’s stopping you?

Chances are you may not know where or how to start. But what’s that got to do with you finding out?…

Often we can find ourselves in a place where we want to achieve certain visualisations however, life can take its course and sidetrack our plans. It may be that we succumb to the voices either within or externally to us, which interfere with our confidence to get out there and grab the change we want to see.

Join this session to find out how you can buy yourself a few extra hours each week to focus on manifesting your way several steps closer to your dream.

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Kristal Baker



4-5 June 2024

Manchester Central


2-3 October 2024

ExCel London