2-3 October 2024

ExCel London


Thursday 19 October

12:20 - 12:50   |   Women in Tech Theatre

Navigating Imposter Syndrome: From Self-Doubt to Empowerment

In this dynamic talk, you will embark on a journey to understand, confront, and conquer imposter syndrome, that often silent but pervasive adversary in our personal and professional lives. We’ll explore the nuances of imposter syndrome, recognise its triggers, and empower ourselves to rise above it.

  • Defining Imposter Syndrome
  • When Do We Feel Like an Imposter?
  • Responding to Your Inner Voice
  • The Importance of Mentorship
  • Systemic Bias and Imposter Syndrome
  • What’s Next for Us?


Throughout this talk, you will gain practical insights and actionable takeaways to confront imposter syndrome head-on. Whether you’re a student, professional, or leader in your field, this session will equip you with the tools and knowledge to transform self-doubt into self-empowerment. Join us in this discussion, and together, let’s chart a course towards personal and collective success while embracing our true capabilities.

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Gina Wiley




4-5 June 2024

Manchester Central


2-3 October 2024

ExCel London