2-3 October 2024

ExCel London


Wednesday 18 October

16:15 - 16:45   |   Keynote Theatre

Bridge the Gap Between Aspiration and Achievement

While women aspire to break barriers and achieve their dreams, there persists a substantial gap between our aspirations and actual achievements. In this keynote, we will delve deep into the multifaceted challenges and barriers that hinder women from turning their dreams into reality.

For this keynote, Deborah will shed light on the social, cultural, and systemic factors that have perpetuated this aspiration-achievement gap. Drawing on research and real-life stories, our speaker will provide an insightful analysis of the various hurdles women face, both overt and subtle, as they strive for success in their personal and professional lives.

Ultimately, this keynote aims to inspire and empower both women and men to recognize, address, and actively work to eliminate the barriers that have long impeded women’s progress. By understanding the root causes and challenges, we can collectively strive for a more inclusive, equitable, and empowered future where women’s aspirations are not just dreams but tangible realities.

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Deborah B. Williams



4-5 June 2024

Manchester Central


2-3 October 2024

ExCel London