2-3 October 2024

ExCel London

Dedicated to tech recruitment and championing diversity

Dedicated to tech recruitment and championing diversity

25th June 2024

As a company dedicated to tech recruitment and championing diversity, GTS leverages events like the Women in Business & Tech Expo (WIBT) to drive business growth and brand awareness. Our presence at these events aligns seamlessly with our core values and strategic goals. Here’s how WIBT helps achieve our objectives:

Strengthening Our Brand

GTS has a rich history of over 23 years as a women-owned tech recruitment business. Our participation in WIBT underscores our commitment to empowering women in business and technology. This aligns with our brand identity and reinforces our market position as a champion for diversity and inclusion.

Networking and Client Acquisition

WIBT provides a prime opportunity to connect with business owners and decision-makers who share our values. By showcasing our expertise and services at these events, we can attract new clients and foster relationships that could lead to more roles and business opportunities. Our stand at WIBT Manchester proved successful, and our upcoming participation at Karren Brady’s Women in Business and Tech on October 2–3 at London Excel is poised to expand our reach even further.

Promoting Our Services

At GTS, we specialise in tech recruitment, offering comprehensive services to help businesses find the right talent. Our participation in WIBT allows us to demonstrate our expertise in identifying and placing top tech professionals. By engaging directly with potential clients at these events, we highlight our ability to meet their recruitment needs effectively.

Targeting Both Business Owners and Candidates

Our strategy targets both ends of the recruitment spectrum—business owners and candidates. Attracting business owners who need our recruitment services is crucial for generating new roles, while engaging with potential candidates ensures we have a robust talent pool to meet client demands. WIBT provides a unique platform to engage with both audiences effectively.

Achieving Business Growth

Our participation in WIBT is not just about presence but also about making impactful connections. By aligning with events that resonate with our values, we enhance our visibility and credibility. This, in turn, drives business growth through increased brand awareness, client acquisition, and a steady influx of roles to work on.

The GTS Advantage

As a women-owned tech recruitment business, GTS brings a unique perspective to the industry. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion, combined with over two decades of experience, sets us apart. We understand the challenges businesses face in finding the right tech talent and are dedicated to providing tailored solutions to meet their needs.

In summary, GTS’s involvement in the Women in Business & Tech Expo is integral to our business strategy. It amplifies our commitment to diversity, helps us forge valuable connections, and ultimately supports our goal of business growth. By continuing to engage with these platforms, we strengthen our position in the market and pave the way for ongoing success.

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2-3 October 2024

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