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Cyber’s Brighter Future Pledge

Cyber’s Brighter Future Pledge

25th September 2023

CAPSLOCK, the award-winning, female-led, training provider that reskills adults into cyber security professionals has launched the ‘Cyber’s Brighter Future’ pledge. A pledge for individuals and businesses to actively contribute to greater diversity in the industry and combat stereotypes about cyber. Those who join the pledge are encouraged to share their pledges across social media with specially designed badges.

“A more diverse environment is good for so many reasons, not least because it better represents society. It helps for building cyber solutions that are more effective and that are ultimately more resilient against any attack. It also results in an environment that is balanced in approach and a promotes a culture that welcomes diversity”. – Dr Andrea Cullen, Co-Founder of CAPSLOCK CAPSLOCK’s Pledge

The cyber industry is currently unable to fully benefit from the rewards that a diverse workforce brings. This year CAPSLOCK launched the ‘Cyber’s Brighter Future’ pledge. The pledge aims to encourage individuals and businesses to get involved and actively contribute to greater diversity in the industry.

To start things off; CAPSLOCK pledge to make life-changing cyber education accessible, affordable and inclusive, to ultimately help the industry reflect our diverse society. To achieve this we will:

1. Continue to create a learning environment where we promote the importance of active diversity, equity and inclusion to our learners, alumni, staff, supporters and partners.
2. Enrol adults of all genders, ethnicities, ages, abilities, neurotypes and walks of life onto our reskilling bootcamps to help the industry reflect the true diversity of our society.
3. Change people’s perceptions about cyber security by consistently informing people through all channels that you don’t have to be ‘techy’, male or have a degree to work in cyber.
4. Commit to the use of inclusive language, imagery and action internally and externally.
5. Remove financial barriers by providing accessible tuition options to all, as well as offering partial scholarships and fully-funded places to 25 eligible learners by the end of 2023.
6. Support the cyber community by running partnership initiatives, sponsoring events, and advising employer partner recruitment processes to drive a more diverse workforce.
Organisations who have pledged so far include Custodian 360, Cyber Talent Partners, Harris Federation, Shift Key Cyber, LT Harper and Rangeforce, as well as many individuals.
To help us make cyber’s future brighter, business and individuals can join the pledge online, all steps and further information can be found on our LinkedIn post.


Make sure to visit CAPSLOCK’s stand (C42) at Karren Brady’s Women in Business & Tech Expo, 18-19 October 2023, London ExCeL. Register for your free tickets here.

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