2-3 October 2024

ExCel London


Sustainably Me

Sustainably Me


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The word sustainability is often viewed as simply sustaining the environment. But the true concept of sustainability is how we can sustain ourselves as people while looking after the health of the planet, whilst still creating profitable lives. After all, how can our planet recover and improve without the help of all of us?

You might feel that climate change is so big that you can’t make a difference. But you are the most important weapon in the fight against climate change. Even tiny changes can improve our personal wellbeing while reducing our impact on the earth. In this talk, I help you understand the existing impact you’re having on yourself and the planet and give you ideas of small changes you can make today in your lives to make you feel better about you and your relationship with the planet.

At Sustainably Me, we believe that the global health and environmental crisis is fuelled by our disconnection from nature. By reconnecting with nature, we can rebuild ourselves and protect the planets precious resources.



4-5 June 2024

Manchester Central


17-18 September 2024

RDS Dublin


2-3 October 2024

ExCel London